Upcoming Event

K-12 is Broken. So, How to Fix It?


December 4, 2023, 1:00 pm –
2:00 pm

An urgent and insightful conversation on the current state of K-12 education, what’s wrong with it and how to place it on the right track. Communities are facing historic drops in math, reading and history scores. School bullying has increased 54% over just 4 years. Homeschooling is now the fastest growing educational sector in America as public-school enrollment drops and private schools stay flat. Tectonic shifts are taking place as demographics rapidly change. Parents, students and communities face uncertainty over book bans, the removal of critical race theory from the classroom and the end of affirmative action. Experts, policymakers and educators discuss these trends and offer potential solutions in a one-hour discussion.

Open to all – click here to register. This is a roundtable event and, while you are more than welcome to just listen, we encourage you to bring your questions and insights on the issue to the table and to share your perspective or the view from your state or jurisdiction.

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