Education and Workforce Development

The Education and Workforce Development Committee works with state officials from the 18 member jurisdictions of CSG’s Eastern region to provide a policy forum, a vehicle for sharing best practices, and structure for advocacy on education and workforce development issues affecting the region. The committee comprises education leaders from legislatures in each CSG East member jurisdiction. The committee shares emerging solutions from state governments nationwide and sets the education programming agenda throughout the year. In recent years, the committee has prioritized teacher interstate mobility, standardized testing, and student debt.

Committee Leadership

headshot of Delaware Senator Lopez
Ernesto Lopez
Senator Ernesto Lopez made history in 2012 by becoming the first Latino elected in the history of the Delaware State Senate, representing the 6th State Senate District. Senator Lopez came to Delaware as a young child from Puerto Rico with
his parents and has lived in Delaware for over 30 years. He holds an E.dD. in Educational Leadership from the University of Delaware where he has worked with children and families for two decades. Senator Lopez currently serves on the following Senate committees: Transportation Health, Children and Social Services Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Senator Lopez takes pride in his constituent service work and his reputation in the Senate is one of a consensus-builder who works across the aisle and with members of all parties to address the concerns and solve the problems of everyday Delawareans.
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Committee Roster

Sen. Ernesto Lopez (Delaware)
ConnecticutMassachusettsNova Scotia Québec
Rep. Michelle Cook
Rep. Carol Hall *
Rep. Kathleen McCarty *
Rep. Robert Sanchez
Sen. Adam Hinds *
Sen. Jason Lewis
Sen. Joan Lovely
Sen. Patrick O’Connor *
Rep. Alice Peisch
Rep. Paul Tucker
MLA Zac Churchill
MLA Suzanne Lohnes-Croft*
DelawareNew HampshirePennsylvaniaRhode Island
Sen. Laura Sturgeon
Rep. Debra Heffernan *
Rep. Earl Jaques
Rep. Sean Matthews *
Rep. Kimberly Williams
Sen. Jeanne Dietsch
Sen. Jay Kahn
Sen. David Watters *
Sen. Ruth Ward *
Rep. Rick Ladd
Rep. Linda Tanner
Sen. Thomas KillionSen. Hanna Gallo
Sen. Harold Metts
Sen. James Sheehan *
Sen. Ana Quezada *
Rep. Gregg Amore *
Rep. Justine Caldwell *
Rep. Joseph McNamara
Rep. William O’Brien
MaineNew JerseyPrince Edward IslandVermont
Rep. Gary Drinkwater *
Rep. Richard Farnsworth *
Rep. Victoria Kornfield
Rep. Heidi Sampson
Sen. Teresa Ruiz
Asw. Marlene Caride
(Vacant)Sen. Phil Baruth
Sen. Debbie Ingram
Rep. Peter Conlon
Rep. Katherine James *
Rep. Casey Toof *
Rep. Kate Webb
MarylandNew YorkPuerto RicoU.S. Virgin Islands
Sen. Bill Ferguson
Sen. Nancy King *
Sen. Paul Pinksy
Sen. Andrew Serafini *
Sp. Adrienne Jones
Del. Anne Kaiser
Del. Haven Shoemaker *
Del. Alonzo Washington *
(Vacant)Sen. Eduardo Bhatia *
Sen. Luis Muniz *
Sen. Abel Nazario
Sen. Margarita Nolasco
Rep. Yashira Lebron *
Rep. Brenda Lopez *
Rep. Guillermo Miranda
Rep. Rafael Ortega
Sen. Donna Frett-Gregory
Sen. Javan James *


For more information on the committee or its recent work, please contact staff liaison

Dina Klimkina
direct: 859-244-8141