Agriculture and Rural Affairs

CSG East’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee grew out of the Northeast States Association for Agricultural Stewardship (NSAAS), which was created in 1999 to provide a unified voice for northeast agriculture in the development of the 2002 Farm Bill. Committee members promote the importance of agriculture in the Northeast and to the U.S. economy, and focus of issues of concern to the rural economy. The committee has recently held seminars focusing on rural broadband, the right to farm, and agritourism.

Committee Leadership

headshot of Vermont Representative Carolyn Partridge
Carolyn Partridge
Representative, Vermont
Representative Carolyn Partridge is a 20-year member of the Vermont House of Representatives and the chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. She is better known to the regular participants of CSG East as one of the two co-chairs
of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs policy committee. Carolyn has also been a chair of the ERC Annual Meeting Committee, and the chair of CSG East Nominations committee for several years. Representative Partridge grew up in New Jersey and moved to Vermont in 1972 after completing her bachelor’s degree in oceanography at New York University. Outside of the legislature, she is a farmer and seamstress, a mother of five, and grandmother to two. Carolyn is also a member of her local school board, and past member of her planning commission, and several other boards over the years.
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headshot of Pennsylvania Senator Schwank
Judy Schwank
Senator, Pennsylvania
Senator Judy Schwank studied at Pennsylvania State University where she received her bachelor of science degree in agricultural education, and a master's degree in agricultural education with a horticulture minor. She went on to become an agriculture extension agent with
the Cooperative Extension, and then dean of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at Delaware Valley College. Judy Schwank was elected county commissioner for Berks County in 2002, and was first elected to the Pennsylvania Senate in 2011, where she has served as minority chair of the Agriculture Committee. Senator Schwank was appointed as co-chair of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee for CSG East in 2020.
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Committee Roster

Rep. Carolyn Partridge (Vermont)
Sen. Judy Schwank (Pennsylvania)
ConnecticutMassachusettsNova Scotia Québec
Rep. David Arconti
Rep. Doug Dubitsky *
Rep. Kevin Ryan
Rep. Tammy Zawistowski *
Sen. James Eldridge
Sen. Anne Gobi
Sen. Edward Kennedy *
Sen. Walter Timilty *
Rep. Paul Schmid
Rep. Roselee Vincent
MLA Leo Glavine
MLA Chuck Porter
MNA Sylvain Lévesque
DelawareNew HampshirePennsylvaniaRhode Island
Sen. Bruce C. Ennis
Sen. Bryant L. Richardson
Rep. William Bush *
Rep. William Carson
Rep. Ronald Gray
Rep. Jesse Vanderwende *
Sen. Jim Gray *
Sen. Jay Kahn
Sen. David Starr *
Sen. David Watters
Rep. John O’ Connor
Rep. Suzanne Smith
Sen. Elder VogelSen. Stephen Archambault *
Sen. Cythnia Coyne
Sen. Gordon Rogers
Sen. Susan Sosnowski
Rep. Michael Chippendale *
Rep. John Edwards
Rep. Alex Marszalkowski
MaineNew JerseyPrince Edward IslandVermont
Rep. Craig Hickman
Rep. MaryAnne Kinney
Rep. Margaret O’Neil *
Rep. Thomas Skolfield *
Sen. Bob Andrzejczak
Asm. Adam Taliaferro *
MLA Robert HendersonSen. Chris Pearson
Sen. Bobby Starr
Rep. John Bartholomew
Rep. Thomas Bock *
Rep. Terry Norris *
MarylandNew YorkPuerto RicoU.S. Virgin Islands
Sen. Adelaide Eckardt *
Sen. Sarah Elfreth
Sen. Katie Fry Hester *
Sen. J.B. Jennings
Del. Carl Anderton
Del. Charles Otto*
Asw. Carrie WoernerSen. Luis Berdiel
Sen. Nelson Cruz
Sen. Jose Perez *
Sen. Cirilo Tirado *
Rep. Carlos Bianchi
Rep. Anibal Diaz *
Rep. Joel Franqui
Rep. Felix Lasalle *
Sen. Allison DeGazon


For more information on the CSG East Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, please contact the committee’s consultants:

Tara Sad

Bob Haefner