CSG-ERC states lead the nation in health system performance

December 11, 2015

Health systems in CSG-ERC states perform better than the rest of the US according to the 2015 Commonwealth Fund State Scorecard on State Health System Performance, with Massachusetts leading all states. States are ranked on 42 indicators such as avoidable hospitalizations, health risk behaviors, childhood vaccinations, and hospital patients discharged with information to help recover at home. ERC states also led on most distinct dimensions of health system performance. Massachusetts scored highest in Access and Affordability of care and Maine scored highest among states in Prevention and Treatment. Connecticut and Massachusetts tied for second, respectively, for Healthy Lives and Health Equity. However, ERC states tended to rank lower on Avoidable Hospital Use and Cost, ranging from Vermont at 13th and Maryland at 42nd among states. The rankings offer states guidance to improve health system performance.


State Overall rank among states
Massachusetts 1st
Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island Tied for 5th
Maine 11th
New York 13th
Delaware 15th
Maryland 18th
New Jersey, Pennsylvania Tied for 20th
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