Webinar: Health Insurance Exchanges – States Sharing Resources, Solving Problems

May 6, 2015

Join CSG/ERC’s health policy committee for a webinar May 20th – Health Insurance Exchanges – States Sharing Resources, Solving Problems. We’ll hear from Peter VanLoon, from Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, describe opportunities to assist other states with their exchanges. Depending on how the Supreme Court rules in King v. Burwell this summer, eight million residents of states now using the healthcare.gov exchange may lose federal insurance subsidies unless their state creates its own exchange. Some existing state exchanges have struggled with implementation over the last year but Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, avoided most problems. Building on their success, Access Health CT is offering technical assistance and business services to states wishing to create or enhance their state-based exchange. The CSG/ERC webinar will be at 2pm May 20th; click here to register.


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