More health insurance options this year than last

September 11, 2015

An analysis by the US Government Accountability Office of health insurance offerings and premiums, on and off health insurance exchanges, finds more choices for consumers this year than last. Most US consumers had six or more plans to choose from across three metal tiers – bronze, silver and gold. Lowest cost plans are generally found on health insurance exchanges. However premiums for the same level plan vary considerably between states, but also within states by as much as 270%. Most Americans, including residents of CSG’s Eastern Regional experienced increases in premiums between 2014 and 2015. Among ERC states, only Connecticut’s median premiums for a 30-year old buying a silver plan were higher on the exchange than off in both years. Not all information is available for all states.


Median monthly premiums for a 30-year old nonsmoker buying a silver-level plan on or off the exchange
  2014 2015
CT $305 $307
DE NA 319
MA 364 361
MD NA 228
ME 324 323
NH NA 302
NJ NA 347
NY NA 448
PA 220 274
RI 261 255
VT NA 460
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