ERC states’ Medicare hospital readmission rates vary

August 11, 2015

According to Kaiser Health News, two thirds of hospitals in the CSG/ERC region will face Medicare penalties because of high readmission rates. This is the fourth year for the program that penalizes hospitals for the percent of Medicare patients with certain conditions who return to the hospital within 30 days. This year’s penalties will begin October 1st.

Nationally 54 percent of hospitals will be penalized this year, down slightly from last year. New Jersey and Connecticut have the highest rates of hospitals facing penalties in the nation, but Maryland is the only state that will have no hospitals penalized this year because of a unique Medicare payment arrangement.

Penalties to hospitals in the CSG/ERC region average 12 percent below the national average. Other quality-based Medicare hospital bonuses and penalties will also begin in October.

State Number of Penalized Hospitals Percent of All Hospitals Penalized Average Hospital Penalty (Percent)
Connecticut 28 90 0.66
Delaware 5 71 0.35
Maine 11 31 0.4
Massachusetts 51 78 0.7
New Hampshire 11 42 0.45
New Jersey 63 97 0.73
New York 140 77 0.75
Pennsylvania 128 74 0.61
Rhode Island 9 75 0.63
Vermont 4 27 0.08
ERC average 66.2 0.536
National 54 0.61
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