ELA Alumni



2022 ELA President: Nina Dimarie Valedón Santiago

Nina Dimarie Valedón Santiago, an advisor to the President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, was selected as the 2022 ELA class president, becoming the first class president selected from Puerto Rico in the program’s history. Nina earned a bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico, where she acted as Student Council President, before going on to receive her Juris Doctor cum laude from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and becoming the first Puerto Rican to obtain a Master of Public Affairs from Brown University.  Nina has testified before the United Nations Committee on Decolonization, is a news commentator on radio and tv stations in Puerto Rico and is committed to empowering communities, strengthening government institutions, and advocating for human-centered policies.


Kate Farrar CT 2022 Representative
Maryam Khan CT 2022 Representative
Javier Horstmann DE 2022 Chief Policy Advisor, Delaware State Housing Authority
Amy Willey DE 2022 Lesgislative Assistant, Delaware State Senate, Republican Caucus
Scott Goss DE 2022 Senate Majority Caucus Communications Director
Rebecca Calvello DE 2022 Legislative Assistant, Delaware State Senate
Christella St. Juste DE 2022 Legislative Assistant, Delaware State Senate, Senate Majority Caucus
Eric Hastings DE 2022 Legislative Director, Delaware House of Representatives (Majority Caucus)
Suzanne Salisbury ME 2022 Representative
George H. Butler, Jr. MD 2022 Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Legislative Services
Tiffany Clark MD 2022 Policy Analyst, Office of Legislative Services
Pearse Martin MA 2022 Communications Director, Office of Senator Nick Collins
Jordan Chrispin MA 2022 Director of Constituent Services, Office of Senator Nick Collins
Mallory Strain MA 2022 Senior Legislative Aide
Alicia Brisson MA 2022 Legislative Director, Massachusetts State Senate
Kimberly Hutter MA 2022 District Director, Massachusetts State Senate
Theresa Ricciardi NH 2022 Senator
Christopher Myles NJ 2022 Associate Fiscal Analyst, Office of Legislative Services
Christopher Jewett NJ 2022 Lead Counsel, Office of Legislative Services
Brett Conrads NJ 2022 Deputy Chief of Staff, 24th Legislative District of New Jersey
Charisse Watts NJ 2022 Policy Coordinator
Constance Mandeville NY 2022 Community Liaison, Office of Assemblyman Billy Jones
Dawn Lush PA 2022 Manager, Telephone Town Hall and Electronic Communication Programs, Republican Caucus Services
Timothy Scott PA 2022 Executive Director – House Urban Affairs Committee – Democratic Caucus
Nitza Morán Trinidad PR 2022 Senator
Nina D. Valedón Santiago PR 2022 Presidential Advisor, Office of the President
Ángel Fourquet Cordero PR 2022 Representative
Billy Leiva RI 2022 T.V. Tech, General Assembly of Rhode Island
Stephanie Jerome VT 2022 Representative
Ryan Cullins NB 2022 MLA, Fredericton-York
Suzie Hansen NS 2022 MLA, Halifax- Needham
Iain Rankin NS 2022 MLA, Timberlea-Prospect (former Premier)
Dave Ritcey NS 2022 MLA, Truro – Bible Hill – Millbrook – Salmon River
Jamie West ONT 2022 MPP, Sudbury




Class of 2021


2021 ELA President: Reginald Parson

Reginald “Reggie” Parson was elected by the ELA class of 2021, becoming the first African-American class president in the program’s history. Parson, a legislative aide to the Speaker and majority caucus in the Maine House of Representatives, pushed for greater staff involvement in CSG East and authored changes to organizational rules regarding ELA officer appointments to the CSG East Executive Committee.


Quentin Williams CT 2021 Representative
Gary Turco CT 2021 Asst. Majority Leader,  Representative
Maria Horn CT 2021 Representative
Jillian Gilchrest CT 2021 Representative
Drew Volturo DE 2021 Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications
Read T. Scott DE 2021 Legislative Assistant
Anthony Bernadzikowski DE 2021 Legislative Aide
Mary Grace Collona DE 2021 Legislative Assistant
Reginald Parson ME 2021 Senior Legislative Aide and Policy Analyst
Erin Sheehan ME 2021 Representative
Joanne C. Benson MD 2021 Deputy Marjority Leader, Senator
Sarita Williams MD 2021 Member Services Advisor
Michele Lambert MD 2021 Senior Committee Counsel, House Appropriations Committee
Brenda Thiam MD 2021 Delegate
Regina Boyce MD 2021 Delegate
Gabrielle Hanson MA 2021 Committee Researcher
Alexander Krasutsky IV NJ 2021 Aide to the Governor
Sarah Ballentine NJ 2021 Legislative Aide
Julieann Calabrese NJ 2021 Legislative Aide to the Office of Senator Troy Singleton,
Sterley Stanley NJ 2021 Assemblyman
Billy Jones NY 2021 Assemblyman
Angelo Santabarbara NY 2021 Assemblyman
Danilo Burgos PA 2021 Representative
Liz Hanbidge PA 2021 Representative
Paige Reigner PA 2021 Chief of Staff, Representative Ryan Mackenzie
Zachary Mako PA 2021 Representative
Jennifer O’Mara PA 2021 Representative
Yvonne Aguayo PA 2021 Senior Human Resources Manager
Eddie Charbonier Chinea PR 2021 Representative
Barbara Ann Fenton-Fung RI 2021 Representative
Donna Frett-Gregory USVI 2021 Senate President
Milton Potter USVI 2021 Senator
Kathleen James VT 2021 Representative
Tim Tierney VT 2021 Director of Business Recruitment and International Trade
Thomas Chittenden VT 2021 Senator


Notable Alumna: Melony Griffith
In 2020 – shortly after completing ELA – Senator Griffith become the first African American woman elected as President Pro Tempore for the Maryland Senate. In this role, Griffith serves as the leader of the Senate chamber in the absence of Senate President Bill Ferguson. In addition to serving as President Pro Tempore, Senator Griffith also serves as the Chair of the Budget and Taxation Committee’s Subcommittee on Health and Human Services. She is a valued member of the Maryland Senate senior leadership team, providing input and guidance on major policy initiatives.



Luwannia Martin Johnson CT 2019 Legislative Assistant House Democrats
Ashley McMann CT 2019 Supervising Legislative Outreach Coordinator
Jacqueline Hugg DE 2019 Legislative Assistant, State Senate
Dylan McDowell DE 2019 Communications Assistant/Digital Media Manager, Majority Caucus
Lauren Swain DE 2019 Legislative Assistant
Taylor Hawk DE 2019 Executive Assistant to the Majority Leader, State Senate
Nicole Alvarez DE 2019 Legislative Assistant, State Senate
Keri Rapa DE 2019 Legislative Assistant, Senate Republicans
Michele Meyer ME 2019 Representative
Melony Griffith MD 2019 Senator
Paul Feeney MA 2019 Senator
Malé Kamya MA 2019 Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Executive Office Of Labor and Workforce Development
Leo Stella MA 2019 Policy and Communications Director, State Senate
Chynah Tyler MA 2019 Representative
Don Manning NH 2019 Chief of Staff – Senate
John Mulholland NJ 2019 Chief of Staff,  Office of Assemblywoman Carol A. Murphy
Andrew Ward NJ 2019 Senior Counsel, New Jersey Office of Legislative Services
Terry Hastings NY 2019 Senior Policy Advisor, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
Shane Carey PA 2019 Judicial Assistant, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania – Chambers of Justice Kevin M. Dougherty
Bridget Lafferty PA 2019 Special Advisor, House Democratic Appropriations Committee
Brittney Rodas PA 2019 Research Analyst, House of Representatives
Claudia Méndez Morales PR 2019 Chief Legal Counsel, Senate Majority Leaders
Michele Beaton PEI 2019 MLA
Gilles Bélanger QUE 2019 MNA


Notable Alum: Senator Carmelo Ríos

Senator Carmelo Ríos-Santiago participated in the Eastern Leadership Academy shortly after becoming the Majority Leader of the Puerto Rico Senate. He was also elected President of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators earlier in 2018, having served as Vice-President for Membership, Parliamentarian and Vice-President. Senator Ríos-Santiago has served in the Puerto Rico Senate since 2005 and continues to be an active member on the CSG East Executive Committee.


Cristin McCarthy Vahey CT 2018 Representative
Janet Kaminski-LeDuc CT 2018 Senior Legislative Attorney, Office of Legislative Research
Geraldo Reyes, Jr. CT 2018 Representative
Patricia Miller CT 2018 Representative
Virginia Monteiro CT 2018 Legislative Clerk, Labor and Public Employees Committee
Robyn Porter CT 2018 Representative
David Desjardins CT 2018 Caucus Counsel, House Democrats
Jeff Currey CT 2018 Representative
Alexa Scoglietti DE 2018 Legislative Aide, House of Representatives
Stephanie Mantegna DE 2018 Communications Officer, House Minority Caucus
Jennifer Parrish DE 2018 Legislative Aide, Senate
Robert Underwood DE 2018 Energy Administrator, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC)
Vanessa Karpeh DE 2018 Legislative Assistant, Senate
Ruth BriggsKing DE 2018 Representative
Margaret O’Neil ME 2018 Representative
Mark Chang MD 2018 Delegate
Willaim Pearson NH 2018 Representative
Barbara Griffin NH 2018 Representative
Jason Postelnik NJ 2018 Senior Counsel, Office of Legislative Services
Robert Zuckerman NJ 2018 Chief of Staff, Office of Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin
Jordan Lesser NY 2018 Counsel, Assembly
Kate Flessner PA 2018 Director of Communications, Senate
Natalie Sheer PA 2018 Deputy Director, Official Reporter’s Office – Senate
Matthew Hilliard PA 2018 Counsel to the Majority Leader, House of Representatives
Carmelo Rios Santiago PR 2018 Senator
Camille Vella-Wilkinson RI 2018 Representative
Robin Chesnut-Tangerman VT 2018 Representative
MLA Alana Paon NS 2018 MLA
John Lohr NS 2018 MLA
Will Bouma ONT 2018 MPP
Kaleed  Rasheed ONT 2018 MPP
Hannah Bell PEI 2018 MLA
 Simon Berubé QUE 2018 MNA



Beverley Henry CT 2017 Administrator for the Public Health Committee
Meredith Seitz DE 2017 Policy Analyst, House Majority Caucus
Caitlyn Gordon DE 2017 Legislative Assistant, House Majority Caucus
Sarah Wootten DE 2017 Policy Director, House Majority Caucus
Deanna Killen DE 2017 Deputy Chief of Staff, Senate Republican Cuucus
Lisa Keim ME 2017 Representative
 Ann Gobi MA 2017 Senator
Terry Wolf NH 2017 Representative
Scott Brodsky NJ 2017 Senior Fiscal Analyst, Office of Legislative Services
Scott Devlin NJ 2017 Chief of Staff, Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson
Danielle Bowers PA 2017 Executive Director, Tourism and Recreational Development Committee
Donetta Dinnocenza PA 2017 Chief Clerk, Senate
Eric Roe PA 2017 Representative
David Arnold PA 2017 Director of Accounting/Comptroller, Accounting
Shauna Boscaccy PA 2017 Executive Director and Legal Counsel, House of Representative
Jonathan Hendrickson PA 2017 Director of Special Projects and Special Assistant to the Secretary, Department of State
Annabel Guillen Cassanas PR 2017 Federal Affairs Advisor, Senate
 Myron D. Jackson USVI 2017 Senate President
Marvin Blyden USVI 2017 Senator
Hugh MacKay NS 2017 MLA
Suzanne Lohnes-Croft NS 2017 MLA
Barbara Adams NS 2017 MLA
Richard Brown PEI 2017 MLA
Hal Perry PEI 2017 MLA




Kenneth Barone CT 2016 Manager, Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy, Central Connecticut State University
Aaron Knight CT 2016 International Business Development Project Manager
Mark Brainard DE 2016 Legislative Aide, House of Representatives
Glenn Shipley DE 2016 Legislative Assistant, Senate
Ashley Tucker DE 2016 Staff Attorney,  Administrative Office of the Courts
Jane Williams DE 2016 Executive Assistant, Senate
Patrick Corey ME 2016 Representative
Effie Rife MD 2016 Legislative Drafting Manager, Department of Legislative Services
Kelly Dincau MD 2016 Manager, Legislation Function, Department of Legislative Services
James Welch MA 2016 Senator
Carole Fiola MA 2016 Senator
Kim Rice NH 2016 Representative
Brian Quigley, Esq. NJ 2016 Deputy General Counsel, General Assembly
Joseph Garba NY 2016 Secretary to the Speaker
Robert Gaertner PA 2016 Executive Director , Local Government Committee, House of Representatives
Michelle Brown PA 2016 Majority Staff Administrator, Senate
Kristopher Gazsi PA 2016 Associate Counsel, Local Government Commission, General Assembly
Megan Martin PA 2016 Secretary & Parliamentarian, Senate
Michael Nerozzi PA 2016 Communications Specialist, Joint Legislative Conservation Committee
 Robert Lancia RI 2016 Representative
Amy Moses RI 2016 Deputy Legal Counsel, Office of the Governor
Shelley Cortese RI 2016 Associate Director/ Community Corrections
Lisa Blanchette Chamorro RI 2016 Assistant Administrator, Department of Corrections/Adult Probation/Parole
Katie Corrigen VT 2016 International Trade Director
Allan MacMaster NS 2016 MLA
Joachim Stroink NS 2016 MLA
Percy Hatfield ONT 2016 MPP
Jim Wilson ONT 2016 MPP
Peggy Sattler ONT 2016 MPP
Marie-Claude Nichols QUE 2016 MNA





Jonathan Steinberg CT 2015 Representative
Brian Becker CT 2015 Representative
Kevin Bronson CT 2015 Executive Assistant, Office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State
Carling Ryan DE 2015 Special Assistant to the President Pro Tempore
Lyndon Yearick DE 2015 Representative
Matthew Pouliot ME 2015 Representative
Melissa Simones ME 2015 Policy Director, Office of the Maine Senate President
Amy Volk ME 2015 Senator
Matthew Bennett MD 2015 Senior Policy Analyst, Department of Legislative Services
Sally Guy MD 2015 Policy Analyst, Department of Legislative Services
Paul Mark MA 2015 Representative
Barbara L’Italien MA 2015 Senator
Steven Smith NH 2015 Representative
Arlene Evans NJ 2015 Legislative Aide, General Assembly
Anthony Mitchell NJ 2015 Chief of Staff, General Assembly
Jonathan Sternesky NJ 2015 Legislative Director, Office of Assemblywoman Nancy J. Pinkin
LaToya Joyner NY 2015 Assemblywoman
Thomas Gombar PA 2015 District Director/Senior Advisor, Senate
Noah Karn PA 2015 Executive Director – Labor and Industry, House of Representatives
 Michael Regan PA 2015 Representative
Dontie’ Brooks PA 2015 Research Analyst
Hector Roman PR 2015 Executive Director of the Committee of Labor Relations, Consumer Affairs and Jobs Creation, Senate
Javier Aponte-Delmau PR 2015 Representative
Matthew Lenz RI 2015 Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Attorney General
John Lohr NS 2015 MLA
Terry Farrel NS 2015 MLA
Brendan Maguire NS 2015 MLA
William Walker ONT 2015 MPP
Daiene  Vernile ONT 2015 MPP
Simon Jolin-Barette QUE 2015 MNA


2014 Class President: Lauren Vella

Lauren CW Vella joined the ELA class of 2014 as a Senior Legislative Aide and was elected by her peers as class president. Shortly after the program, she was promoted to Legislative Director for the Delaware House of Representative majority caucus. Later, she would advance to serve as the policy director for the Delaware Department of Justice and return to the House in 2021 as Chief of Staff.




April Capone CT 2014 Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of Policy and Management
Hilda Santiago CT 2014 Representative
Michael Ramone DE 2014 Representative
David Bentz DE 2014 Legislative Aide
Debra Allen DE 2014 Deputy Chief of Staff, Senate Majority Caucus
Lauren Cutajar Wynne DE 2014 Legislative Aide to House Leadership
Ellie Espling ME 2014 Representative
Erik Jorgensen ME 2014 Representative
Paul Schmid MA 2014 Representative
Joan Lovely MA 2014  Senator
Susan Ford NH 2014 Representative
Joel A. Griffith NJ 2014  Legislative Aide, Office of Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman
Gabriela Mosquera NJ 2014 Representative
Celeste Riley NJ 2014 Representative
Donna Simon NJ 2014 Representative
Ryan  McKenzie PA 2014 Representative
Cesar Hernandez-Alfonzo PR 2014  Representative
Marlyn Goyco, Esq. PR 2014 Legislative Staff, Senate
Julian D. Lourido PR 2014 Legislative Aide and Advisor to the Senate Majority Leader
Jim McDonell ONT 2014 MPP


Notable Alumna: Michaelle Solages

Michaelle was elected to represent New York’s 22nd Assembly District in 2012 and is the first person of Haitian descent to be elected into the New York State Legislature. She currently serves as the Assembly Deputy Majority Leader as well as Chair of The New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus. Through her work, she strives to ensure that all people are treated with dignity and protected equally under the law throughout New York State.


Christopher  Davis CT 2013 Representative
James Maroney CT 2013 Representative
Olivia Puckett CT 2013 Legislative Staff
“Bobby” Robert Sanchez CT 2013 Representative
Paul Baumbach DE 2013 Representative
Bill Cook DE 2013 Chief of Staff, Senator Gary Simpson
Valerie McCartan DE 2013 Legislative Assistant to the Senate Majority Caucus
Janice Cooper ME 2013 Representative
Roger Katz ME 2013 Senator
Corey Scott Wilson ME 2013 Representative
Tonya  Zimmerman MD 2013 Policy Analyst, Legislative Services
Josh Cutler MA 2013 Representative
Eileen Donoghue MA 2013 Senator
Suzanne Smith NH 2013 Representative
Rosa Caruci NY 2013  Chief of Staff, Assembly Member Felix W. Ortiz
Nily Rozic NY 2013 Assemblywoman
Michaelle Solages NY 2013 Assemblywoman
Stephanie Buchanan PA 2013  Executive Director, Senate Finance Committee
Becky Corbin PA 2013 Representative
Carlos Hernandez-Lopez PR 2013 Representative,  Majority Whip
Rafael Hernandez-Montanez PR 2013  Representative
Miguel Pereira-Castillo PR 2013 Senator
Coral Odiot, Esq. PR 2013  Legal Advisor
Katherine Therieau RI 2013 Director, International Trade Programs, Rhode Island Commerce Corporation
Barbara Rachelson VT 2013 Representative
Brent  Raymond VT 2013 Trade Director
Leo Bureau-Blouin QUE 2013 MNA
Rita de Santis QUE 2013 MNA


Notable Alum: Eugene Young

Eugene Young participated in ELA as a legislative aide from Delaware before going on to serve as President and CEO of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (since 2017), found the grassroots organizing nonprofit Network Delaware, and serve as an aide to former Mayor and current U.S. Senator Cory Booker. In 2021, Young was appointed director of the Delaware State Housing Authority by Governor John Carney.


Henry Genga CT 2012 Representative
Linda Gentile CT 2012 Representative
Gregory  Haddad CT 2012 Representative
Heather Lehman DE 2012 Constituent Liaison -Senate
David Mathe DE 2012 Deputy Director, International Trade
Jordan Seemans DE 2012 Legislative Aide to the Speaker of the House
Eugene Young II DE 2012 Legislative Aide
Jodie Chilson MD 2012 Policy Analyst, Department of Legislative Services
Mary Alice Hughs MD 2012 Senior Legislative Aide
Evan Isaacson MD 2012 Policy Analyst, Department of Legislative Services
Deriece Pate-Bennett MD 2012 Executive Director, Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland
Roger Manno MD 2012 Senator
Sally Guy MD 2012 Policy Ananlyst
Jennifer Flanagan MA 2012 Senator
Bob Haefner NH 2012 Representative
Judith Fenelus NJ 2012 Chief of Staff, Assemblywoman Sharonda E. Sumter
Tom Mann NJ 2012 Chief of Staff, Assemblyman Rob Clifton
Edward Braunstein NY 2012 Assemblyman
William Evans PA 2012  Chief of Staff, Office of Senator Judith L. Schwank
Philip Klotz PA 2012 Assistant Director, Local Government Committion
Jonathan Bonet-Rivera PR 2012 Special Assistant and Legislative Advisor, Puerto Rico Senate
Thomas Stevens VT 2012 Representative
Troy Lifford NB 2012 MLA
Dorothy Shephard NB 2012 MLA
Chris DiNovo ONT 2012 MPP
Soo Wong ONT 2012 MPP


Notable Alum: Lou D’Allesandro

Lou D’Allesandro has represented the 20th District in the New Hampshire Senate since 1998. He currently serves as chair of the Finance Committee and vice-chair of the Ways and Means and Capital Budget committees. He previously served three terms as
an executive councilor and two terms as a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Senator D’Allesandro served as the CSG 2019 National Chair, CSG East 2022 co-chair, and continues to be a leader in the organization.


Susan Johnson Johnson CT 2011 Representative
Sarah Kolb CT 2011 Office of Policy and Management
Sean Finnigan DE 2011 Deputy Chief of Staff, House of Representatives
Jeneene Robinson MD 2011 Executive Assistant, Delegate Talmadge Branch, Maryland House of Delegates
Lynne Porter MD 2011 Senior Manager, Maryland House of Delegates
Michael Moore MA 2011 Senator
Lou D’Allesandro NH 2011 Senator
Kristin Crawford 2011 Executive Director, Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee
José Dalmau Santiago PR 2011 Senator, Minority Leader
José Díaz, Sr. PR 2011 Policy Analyst/Legislative Aide
Katherine Erazo-Garcia PR 2011 Chief of Staff
Joie-Lin Melendez PR 2011 Legislative Advisor – Senate
José Rodriguez-Amorós Esq. PR 2011 Legislative Advisor-Minority Delegation
Jorge Suarez Caceres PR 2011 Senator, Minority Leader
 Alexandria Tavarez PR 2011 Legislative Counsel
Cirilo Tirado Rivera Jr PR 2011 Senator
Donna Nesselbush RI 2011 Senator
Wes McLean NB 2011 MLA
Stéphane Billette QUE 2011 MNA
Mathieu Traversy QUE 2011 MNA




Carol Carson CT 2010 Office of State Ethics, Executive Director
Kimberley Casey NH 2010 Representative
Tara Sad NH 2010 Representative
Sarah Blood NY 2010 Director, NYS Agriculture Committee
Rory Lancman NY 2010 Assemblyman
Arti Sahni NY 2010 Legislative Aide
Tim Hennessey PA 2010  Director of Communications
Elder Vogel PA 2010 Senator
Ivan A. Rodriguez Seda, Esq. PR 2010 Office of the Speaker Legislative Advisory Staff, Legal Counsel
Jose Torres-Zamora PR 2010 Representative
Robert Hartwell VT 2010 Senator
Ali Sarafzade, Esq. VT 2010 Director of International Trade
Reza Moridi ONT 2010 MPP
Francis “Buck” Watts PEI 2010 MLA




Krista Hess, Hess CT 2009 Program Manager, Connecticut Judiciary Branch
Kevin Ryan CT 2009 Representative, Chair of the Labor and Public Employees Committee
 Leah Jones DE 2009 Director, Planning & Policy, Delaware Health Care Commission
Elspeth Flemings ME 2009 Representative
Daniel Shannon MA 2009 Executive Director, Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council
Gus Lerandeau NH 2009 Representative
Cort Adelman NJ 2009 Legislative Director and Counsel
David A. Greene PA 2009 Associate Counsel, PA local Government Commission
José F. Aponte-Hernandez PR 2009 Representative
Luz Arce Ferrer PR 2009 Senator at large
David Bonilla Cortes PR 2009 Representative
Philippe A. Mesa-Pabon PR 2009 Legal Counsel, House of Representatives
Mark Higley VT 2009 Representative
Elizabeth Aiken VT 2009 Interim Family Court Manager, Vermont Judiciary
Matthew Choate VT 2009 Senator
Sarah Edwards VT 2009 Representative
Bill Fraser NB 2009 MLA, Deputy Speaker
France  Gelinas ONT 2009 MPP
Joyce Savoline ONT 2009 MPP
Sonny Gallant PEI 2009 MLA
Rebello  François QUE 2009 MNA
 François Ouimet QUE 2009 MNA




Debra M. Borrero CT 2008 Deputy Director, Policy & Legislative Affairs, Office of Governor M. Jodi Rell
Shawna Johnson CT 2008 Court Planner, Superior Court Operations Division
Christy Vanderwende DE 2008 Policy & Communication Assistant
Lisa  Schieffert DE 2008 Chief Policy Advisor, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
Sheryl Briggs ME 2008 Representative
Peter J. Scavotto MA 2008 Director, Quality Assurance, Office of the Comptroller
Eileen Kelly NH 2008  Senior Legislative Policy Assistant, House of Representatitves, Majority Office
Michael DeLoreto NJ 2008  Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Reed Gusciora
Mila Jasey NJ 2008 Assemblywoman
Dana L. Redd NJ 2008 Senator
Yvette Roland NJ 2008 Chief of Staff to Assemblywoman Elease Evans
Alec Brook-Krasny NY 2008 Assemblyman
David P. Burgess PA 2008 Chief Information Officer
 Elizabeth A. Rosentel PA 2008 Research Analyst, House Consumer Affairs Committee
Justin N. Leventry PA 2008 Legislative Staff to Senator Robert D. Robbin
Robert C. Wonderling PA 2008 Senator
Michael P. Gasbarre PA 2008 Executive Director, Pennsylvania Local Government Commission
Ana Mateu-Meléndez PR 2008 Legislative Counsel, House of Representatives, Office of the Speaker
Lizette Solá PR 2008 Special Assistant to the Speaker, House of Representatives
Melinda Romero PR 2008 Representative, Adivser to the Speaker
 Michael J. Marcotte VT 2008 Representative
William C. Stevens VT 2008 Representative
Alison H. Clarkson VT 2008 Representative
Tracey Perry NEWF/LAB 2008 MHA
Paul Miller ONT 2008 MPP
Sophia Aggelonitis ONT 2008 MPP
Robert Henderson PEI 2008 MLA




Brian Austin CT 2007 Under Secretary of Criminal Justice Policy and Planning (OPM)
Sandra Lugo  Gines CT 2007 Court Planner
Douglas McCrory CT 2007 Representative
T. Michael Murphy, CT 2007  Principal Analyst
Betsy Ritter CT 2007 Representative
Catherine Bakerian DE 2007  Communications Specialist
Pam Maier DE 2007 Representative
Deborah  Puzzo DE 2007 Staff Analyst
Joe Hinck ME 2007 Representative
Benjamin Downing MA 2007 Senator
Craig Hall MA 2007 Chief Financial Officer, Developmental Disabilities Council
Pam Richardson MA 2007 Representative
Stephen Shurtleff NH 2007 Representative, Assistant Majority Leader
Aaron Binder NJ 2007 Deputy Budget Director
Ramon de la Cruz NJ 2007 Attorney – NJ Turnpike Authority
Pamela Lampitt NJ 2007 Assemblywoman
Marc Alessi NY 2007 Assemblyman
Kevin Cahill NY 2007 Assemblyman
Charles Lavine NY 2007 Assemblyman
Lisa Baker PA 2007 Senator
C. J. Hafner PA 2007 Chief Counsel, PA Senate Democratic Leader
Katherine Holtzinger Conner PA 2007 Commissioner, Civil Service Commission
Sara Manzano Diaz PA 2007 Deputy Secretary for Regulatory Programs
Hiram Carlo  Rivera Lopez PR 2007 Legal Counselor
Ángel Colón  Perez PR 2007 Judge, Special Counsel of the Chief Justice
Gerardo A.  Flores PR 2007  Director of Legislative Affairs – Office of the Speaker
Stephanie Barrett VT 2007 Associate Fiscal Officer
Mark Larson VT 2007 Representative
Patti Komline VT 2007 Representative
Peter Peltz VT 2007 Representative
Jason Lorber VT 2007 Representative
Trevor Holder NB 2007 MLA
Brian Kenney NB 2007 MLA
Christian Lévesque QUE` 2007 MNA
Gerry Sklavounos QUE` 2007 MNA




Kerry A. Kelley CT 2006 Principal Budget Analyst
Richard P. Terbrusch CT 2006 Research Attorney
Toni Walker CT 2006 Representative, Deputy Majority Leader
Jennifer Cohan DE 2006 Senior Legislative Analyst
Helene Keeley DE 2006 Representative
Mary Kate McLaughlin DE 2006 Policy Advisor, Office of Governor Ruth Ann Minner
Robert Strong DE 2006 Director, Department of Labor Division of Employment & Training
Carolann Wicks DE 2006 Secretary of Transportation
Chris Barstow ME 2006 House Chair, Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government
Robert S. Duchesne ME 2006 Representative
Jane E. Eberle ME 2006 Representative
Donald E. Pilon ME 2006 Representative
Hon. Christine M. McEvoy MA 2006 Justice Superior Court
Wali Abdul-Salaam NJ 2006 Director of Legislative Affairs, Office of Governor Jon Corzine
James E.  Nestor NJ 2006 Director, Employee and Organization Development, Department of Law and Public Safety
Michael R. Benedetto NY 2006 Assemblyman
Ginny Fields NY 2006 Assemblyman
Matthew J. Millea, NY 2006 Executive Vice President, NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation
Rob Mujica NY 2006 Deputy Secretary, Senate Finance Committee
Dan B. Frankel PA 2006 Representative
Marwan Kreidle PA 2006 Chairman, State Civil Service Commission
Sandra J. Major PA 2006 Representative
Roberto Arango PR 2006 Senator
José E. González PR 2006 Senator
Javier Rivera-Aquino PR 2006 Representative
John Morley III VT 2006 Representative
Jeannette White VT 2006 Senator
Tony Tomassi QUE 2006 MNA
John Valois QUE 2006 MNA




Vicki Nichols CT 2005 Court Management Specialist
Melissa Olson QUE 2005 Representative
Jonathan Harris QUE 2005 Senator
Mark Brainard DE 2005 Governor’s Chief of Staff
Tom Cook DE 2005 Deputy Secretary of Finance
Stephanie Ulbrich DE 2005 Representative
James Werner DE 2005 Director, Air & Waste Management, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Emily Ann Cain ME 2005 Representative
Phil Bartlett ME 2005 Senator
Dan Sullivan MA 2005  Legislative Director
Robert Martin NJ 2005 Senator
Robert Gordon NJ 2005 Assemblyman
Raymond  Hayling, II NJ 2005 Chief Public Safety Communications Officer
Sandra R. Galef NY 2005 Assemblywoman
Sylvia Haer NY 2005 Executive Director for Administration, Office of the Attorney General
Matthew Good PA 2005 Representative
John C. Rafferty PA 2005 Senator
Andrew Sislo PA 2005 Chief of Staff Dept. of State
Jeffrey T. Wallace PA 2005 Executive Director, State Civil Service Commission
Jenniffer Gonzalez Colón PR 2005 Representative
José Garriga Picó PR 2005 Senator
Erika Leigh  Kruse RI 2005 General Counsel, RI Supreme Court
Claire Ayer VT 2005 Senator
Jody Carr NB 2005 MLA
Elsie Lefbevre QUE 2005 MNA