Webinar Recap: Military and Veterans Affairs regional call (February 28)

February 29, 2024

In February, CSG East convened a virtual committee meeting on Military and Veterans Affairs, attended by state legislators and staff to discuss the upcoming annual meeting and other policy issues to be addressed throughout the year.

Several important issues were raised on the call, including:

  • State leaders hope to address growing challenges in housing and environmental conditions existing on military installations, including the presence of PFAS.
  • There was also discussion around improving the enrollment process for receiving VA benefits to reduce unnecessary wait times for access to necessary care, and how state VA offices can be used as a resource.
  • Reciprocal license recognition was one area of focus requiring state collaboration, members said, which would particularly help military spouses and family members who possess occupational licenses but must move frequently between states.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and ways to improve access to care for PTSD remains a top issue.
  • Questions were also raised about the potential for property tax abatements provided to qualified disabled veterans who are unable to work.
  • Finally, amid the nationwide housing crisis, there is renewed focus on programs and organizations that can help serve – and ultimately find housing for – homeless veterans.

The CSG East Military and Veterans Affairs committee will continue to meet virtually and in-person. If you are working at the state or territorial level to address veteran’s issues, get involved by emailing staff policy analyst Joseph Shiovitz at jshiovitz@csg.org.

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