Recorded Events

Full video library available on YouTube.

Briefing on the 2021-22 Winter Outlook with ISO New England

A virtual briefing on the 2021/22 Winter Outlook with ISO New England, the operator of New England’s bulk electric power system.

Tony Seba on "The Great Disruption: Rethinking Energy, Transportation, Food and Agriculture"

In this virtual plenary presentation during the CSG East 2021 Annual Meeting, Tony Seba -- Author, Educator and Co-Founder of RethinkX -- discusses how technology disruption and business model innovation will make the 2020s the most disruptive decade in history for energy, transportation, food, agriculture, materials, and information -- with dramatic implications for geopolitics, the environment, and humanity.

Rural Broadband: Charting the Digital Divide

Lack of rural broadband access has been a problem for years and has been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cities, states, and the federal government are scrambling to find ways to bridge the connectivity gap to underserved populations quickly and efficiently. This session will feature experts in the field who will discuss new initiatives and protocols to ensure that connection can finally become a reality for all.

Apprenticeships: A Pathway to Licensure

Several states, including Maine and Vermont, have begun promoting apprenticeship programs for professions with workforce shortages and offering tax incentives to employers who hire apprentices. In this webinar, we will discuss how apprenticeships can aid in workforce development and occupational licensure, as well as how states in the East are developing apprenticeship programs using lessons learned in the US and abroad.

Transportation Committee – Funding and Financing for Transportation

Roundtable updates from member states and provinces. Discussions on the status of Federal Surface Transportation Authorization, and the National Infrastructure Bank Proposal.

Canada-U.S. Relations Committee - Annual Meeting 2021

What is the status of the bilateral Canada-U.S. relationship today? The committee hears from two keen observers of Canada-U.S. relations and then from stakeholder committee members in this discussion from August 2021.

Race in the State House: Unpacking the CRT Debate

In this session, state policymakers, scholars, and education thought leaders will unpack, examine, and discuss the underlying issues in the debate over critical race theory and the burgeoning campaign to keep it out of publicly funded classrooms.

The Offshore Wind Opportunity Lessons Learned from the United Kingdom

In this webinar, CSG East’s State Legislative Climate Alliance hosted experts from the United Kingdom, the global leader in offshore wind energy generation, who shared best practices and innovative policies that have created a thriving skilled workforce and supported a strong domestic market.