Race in the state house: a critical examination of culture and policy

December 18, 2019

In the current racial climate, state lawmakers are often challenged by issues of race, racism, and racial justice in state houses across the eastern region. The CSG East Council on Communities of Color policy session on Race in the State House: A Critical Examination of Culture and Policy, looked critically at state house culture where unspoken or unacknowledged influences of quiet, polite racism, and other nuances of race continue to delay closing racial gaps in legislation and can often prevent state lawmakers from finding equitable policy solutions for their constituents. Unconscious bias and the lack of opportunity was considered through a race-based lens as policymakers of color spoke directly to white colleagues as allies. Finally, the session continued the conversation that began in April 2019 on racialized public space whose aim is to generate strategies that will improve the safety of people of color.

Self-identified members from nearly all 18 CSG East jurisdictions participated in the discussion.

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