Northeastern physicians lowest paid in US

April 6, 2016

According to Medscape’s 2016 Physician Compensation Survey, at $266,000 physicians from Northeastern states have the lowest incomes in the US, closely followed by their colleagues from Mid-Atlantic states at $286,000. Among ERC states, only New Hampshire (2nd highest) was in the top ten states for physician compensation, while Rhode Island (lowest), Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont were in the bottom ten. Medscape reports that uneven distribution between physicians and patients drives compensation levels. Just over half (52%) of US physicians believe that their compensation is fair. Specialists tend to make more than primary care doctors; highest paid are orthopedists while pediatricians make the least. Dermatologists are most satisfied with their career, while nephrologists tend to be least satisfied specialty. In very good news, 77% of self-employed and 84% of employed physicians report that they are taking new and keeping current Medicare and Medicaid patients, up from 64% and 79% respectively last year. Most physicians spend between 13 and 20 minutes with each patient, which has been relatively stable since 2011. Over half of US physicians spend at least ten hours each week on paperwork and administration. Only 30% regularly discuss treatment costs with patients. The survey included 19,200 physicians across 26 specialties.

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