New report finds higher access to care in ERC states

May 5, 2016

Despite wide state-to-state variation, a new CDC report finds that in 2014 residents of all ERC states are more likely to have a usual source of medical care than most Americans. Vermont led the country with only 2.8% of residents that report they do not have a regular care site. Vermont also leads the country in the percent of residents who’ve seen or talked to a general doctor in the last year at 84%. ERC states also performed well on this metric. Interestingly, the study found little impact on these metrics of states’ decisions to expand Medicaid or create a state-based health insurance exchange.

State Adults without a usual place of medical care Adults who’ve not seen a general doctor in 12 months
Connecticut 10.1% 29.6
Delaware 6.8 18.4
Maine 12.6 31.2
Maryland 14.6 30.6
Massachusetts 7.5 28.5
New Hampshire 11.6 27.6
New Jersey 15.9 34.7
New York 12.1 31.0
Pennsylvania 12.7 26.4
Rhode Island 10.1 28.5
Vermont 2.8 15.9
US average 17.3 34.0
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