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Voting in a pandemic: The fight against voter suppression


May 22, 2020, 10:00 am –
11:00 am

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The Council of State Governments Eastern Regional Conference, Council on Communities of Color, in conjunction with The Andrew Goodman Foundation, presents a new installment in an ongoing series of micro-summits called “CSG East on COVID-19” or #CSGCOVID19. Our latest focus will be “Voting In Pandemic: The Fight Against Voter Suppression.”

These micro-summits offer insights, analysis and solutions on numerous challenges communities and governments face as the pandemic ensues. This next micro-summit will take place via Zoom on Friday, May 22nd, 10am – 11am ET.

These micro-summits are being produced in partnership with the B|E Note. It is a unique convening of state and local policy makers, experts and thinkers concerned about the massive equity gaps exposed and worsened by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Voting In Pandemic: The Fight Against Voter Suppression will be an expert session on the myriad challenges voters will face attempting to vote in the 2020 elections. With heightened anxieties over voting at traditional polling locations, advocates, policymakers and elections officials are struggling to find a sufficient fix that doesn’t present public health dangers to voters. Worries mount that COVID-19 is becoming a voter suppression tool, either inadvertently or deliberately. In the meantime, policymakers are turning to remote voting options, such as mail-in ballots, as a major solution – yet, not everyone is on the same page about that. What options are available? What can policymakers do without disenfranchising the American electorate, especially Black and Brown voters who routinely face threats to their voting rights? And what should voters themselves know and be prepared to do despite perceived risks?

REGISTER TODAY and join us for a 1-hour panel on how communities can achieve maximum voting power during the COVID-19 pandemic. Panelists will offer expert insights and guidance.

Registrants will receive a Zoom access link upon registration. Audience members will be able to ask questions by chat. Audience members are encouraged to discuss and share the panel on social media at #CSGCOVID19

Organized by The Council of State Governments Eastern Regional Conference, Council on Communities of Color, and partnered with The Andrew Goodman Foundation.

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