Council on Communities of Color Videos

Video library also available on YouTube.

The Value of HBCUs in the 21st Century

During this year's annual National HBCU Week Conference, facilitated by the White House Initiative on HBCUs, we present a discussion on "The Value of HBCUs In The 21st Century: A Conversation to Leverage 1890 Universities, Research and Innovation HBCUs for the Next Generation."

Race in the State House: Reparations What Would that Look Like? (Part 2)

Part II of the Reparations Movement Summit held in June by CSG East CCC.

Race in the State House: Unpacking the CRT Debate

In this session, state policymakers, scholars, and education thought leaders will unpack, examine, and discuss the underlying issues in the debate over critical race theory and the burgeoning campaign to keep it out of publicly funded classrooms.

VaxxChat: How Do We Have a Better Vaccination Conversation?

A solution-based discussion on the alarmingly low vaccination rates for BIPOC community members.

Race in the State House: Reparations What Would that Look Like? (Part 1)

A solution-based discussion exploring federal and state-centered justice strategies and policy frameworks for restorative reparations.

Black Farmers: A Struggle for Relief and a Future

A solution-based discussion on federal economic relief exploring state-led strategies in closing the equity gap for Black Farmers.

Back to School? Reimagining K-12 Education

A practical solution-based discussion re-imagining a post-pandemic equitable K-12 education system.

Voting Rights Threat Assessment - Where Do We Go From Here?

A practical, solutions-based discussion exploring the challenges to voting rights in the BIPOC community.