Benefits of sponsoring out of state trips for policymakers

January 25, 2016

A new Health Affairs blog highlights the benefits of learning trips for state health policymakers working on systemic change. The author, President of New Jersey’s Nicholson Foundation, notes that out-of-state trips are very effective in fostering new perspectives on problems and finding innovative solutions.

“The Nicholson Foundation is dedicated to addressing the complex needs of vulnerable populations in New Jersey’s urban and other underserved communities. Over the years, we have sponsored many trips that have sent hundreds of New Jersey health leaders beyond the Garden State to study approaches used and innovations practiced elsewhere. The knowledge these leaders have brought back has helped transform how care is delivered at home.”

We couldn’t agree more. A delegation from CSG/ERC’s health committee visited New Jersey in October for a conference sponsored by the Nicholson Foundation, to hear more about New Jersey’s success with high-cost, high-need Medicaid members. It’s great to hear others who appreciate the value of travel and policymakers learning from each other; at CSG/ERC we’ve been doing this for 83 years.

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